How to Make an iOS VoIP App With Pjsip: Part 4

We have successfully compiled pjsip and the demo in part 1, managed to set up the VoIP server in part 2, and discussed the basic usage of pjsip APIs in part 3.

In this part 4, we will start building our own iOS VoIP app from stratch. By setting up a new project to make use of the pjsip libraries and header files, we’ll have a good foundation project in which we can call any pjsip methods. Continue reading

How to Make an iOS VoIP App With Pjsip: Part 3

Welcome to the third part of this tutorial series!

In the 1st post, we talked about how to compile pjsip, and run the built in demo on a real device. And in the 2nd post, we discussed setting up your own VoIP server, and actually made our 1st VoIP call from the iPhone to the Mac.

Today, we’re going to show you how to handle basic VoIP operations using pjsip. We’ll go into the details of the mac receiver voip app. Continue reading

Read binary executables like plain text – Part 1

When we compile our program, the compiler turns our code to binary executables, that can be executed directly by CPU.

Have you ever wondered how these binary executables actually structured? Would you love to be able to understand them and even modify them directly?

Well, after this series, you’ll be able to understand every single byte of a simple Hello World executable. The binary executables would no longer be a mystery to you, you’ll be able to open them up and read them just like plain text.

Continue reading